Year of the Elk(s)DE702/721/711


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Jul 11, 2009
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Well folks I am torn yet another year with my fortunate luck! My wife drew the DE721 any sex elk on east afognak, son drew DE702 raspberry bull, and I drew the DE711 SW Afognak bull. I had hoped to buy that super cub but must be a faithful steward and live vicarious for all the folks who drew the short straw. With my youngsters hankering for elk steak I would once again ask respectfully for your wise advice yet again. Btw-for those naysayers I did hunt all my tags last three years and harvested most of them except where weather prevented multiple attempts to ascent the mighty sheep and goats of AK. And yes I did make MVP on AK air as a result.

So I am open to any wisdom for combining these three elk hunts into a doable memory of Kodiak hunting. I had thought of boating around but could sat phone for the extraction/inserts also. Anyone want to join in on our boat for a coop hunt? It is a 16x46 catamaran diesel.

Pm me if your interested in discussing...

Live long and hunt hard!

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