WTS: .375 & .458/45-70 Bullets


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Feb 19, 2013
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Anchorage, AK
Picked up an assortment of bullets (and a bit of brass) as part of a bulk reloading purchase from a guy moving out of state. Selling off the ones that I don't reload for. Not looking to get rich on any of them, just get my money back on the stuff I'm not keeping. Some real gems in the bunch for someone looking to go to Africa. I'm figuring I'll sell them for prices right around 50% off retail (+/-). Located in Anchorage, willing to ship as long as you pay shipping.

For .375:
Nosler Banded Solids - 300 gr (50 ct)

For .458/45-70:
Sierra FN HP (#8900) - 300 gr (50 ct + a few extras)
Speer Flat Nose (#2479) - 400 gr (50 ct)
Hornady HP (#4500) - 300 gr (50 ct)
Nosler Ballistic Silvertip (Factory Seconds) - 300 gr (50 ct)
Kodiak FP - 405 gr (50 ct)
Hornady Unprimmed Brass - (50 ct)