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Dec 15, 2005
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Not sure how many of you may have received an email back from the Worldhunt association. I did. It came as a pdf file but it's also now on their WEBSITE as an FAQ link. Go ahead, read through it, see if it doesn't astound you.

But I have to say that I found this part of a STATEMENT by Safari Club International, in opposition to Wordhunt, to be somewhat bizarre:
SCI Questions Concept of "World Hunting Association"
In addition, the institution of "catch and release" tactics for hunting, using powerful sedatives, is highly questionable with regard to the future health of the game animals that are captured for the competition.

That's a real interesting statement from an org that condones and supports the darting of rhinos in Africa. They even allow darted rhinos to be entered into their record books! Of course, SCI says that the reason it allows darted rhinos in their coveted record books is because the practice of darting rhinos supports conservation efforts of those same rhino. Ah yes...conservation.

Here's what Mr. Farbman's Worldhunt website says about what commercialized catch-and-release hunting will do for us:
"By increasing the popularity of the sport the WHA will create awareness and emphasize the importance of conservation and responsible hunting technique. The WHA also presents a vehicle for corporate contributions and increased federal grant money towards improving habitat and conservation."

It's fairly the same spiel I heard from SCI when they allowed darted rhino hunting, and the new catchphrase with which to call it: "Green Hunting." Of course, green hunting! Hunting in which the animal isn't killed, but is merely knocked out with a chemical cocktail so that it can awaken to be hunted again. And again. But let's not forget the picture-taking session first, and that measuring of horn for entry into the SCI hall of fame. And try to remember that it's all in the name of conservation and has nothing to do with ego or bragging rights or any of that sinful "pride" stuff.

I wonder where Mr. Farbman at Worldhunt got the crazy idea that hunting deer with a tranquilizer-tipped arrow or dart-rifle was okay? I wonder why he thinks it will be accepted? I wonder if SCI will continue to support darted rhino hunts and "green hunting" techniques? If SCI now says that "...using powerful sedatives, is highly questionable with regard to the future health of the game animals...," then how do they justify darted C&R rhino hunts?

You wanna know where Worldhunt came from? They didn't come out of the blue, out of the ether, totally unexpected. They are a product of the overt commercialization of hunting we see on the boob tube, in magazines, and via the record books that have sacrificed fair-chase standards in the name of the almighty dollar. They signify a problem, a cancer, and the longer we let it grow without cutting it off, the harder it will be in future to really defend hunting as an honorable pursuit to the rest of the masses.

End rant.


Oct 30, 2005
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Wasilla, Alaska, United States
Same here....

Same here....

I got the same email. It was absurd! They actually claim that what they are doing on the high fence ranches is "fair chase".

Everyone needs to read their "FAQ"!