Who wants to see a fish like this ..., I got to this weekend.


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Aug 22, 2008
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Wasilla, Alaska

Could you make me a replica of H20dogg's fish? HA HA HA. Thanks for that information. I have always wondered about txidermy options but never taken the time to figure it out. Guess I have not caught a fish big enough to mount yet but it's good to know I can snap a picture and send em back. Thanks for the info.

Sure could.. Being its a cold water fish a skin mount would be the last option anyway but done with a artificial head.. the fish found in Alaska other than Pike would all be reproductions.. some smaller rainbows.. 20" and under could be skin mounted.. but a repro cast head is the only way to go if you want the fish to look good and last along time. Its pretty common these days for folks to catch, take a picture or two and release the fish back into the water to be caught another day.. Hard to judge a length and girth off a pic, a simple measurment of the total length and girth if possible and some clear side veiw pics are all thats needed.


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