Vortex Optics Review


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Apr 25, 2006
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Well since many people haven't heard of this company I will give a little background info on the company. Father and son had a store sold binos for bird watching got tired of seeing high dollar binos and optics looked into them on how they were made realized they could make the exact same thing and offer them at a cheaper price to the public and then you have Vortex Optics. There is more to the story but on the short that is it. I saw an atrical on them in a magazine and looked into the company, and the prices were right and looked around town noone has heard of this company so I took a chance going and buying them online. Since I haven't even looked through any of there optics or heard reviews except for what I read in the article I bought the cheapest pair they made to decide if it were in my best interst to look into their other more expensive products. I bought a pair of the Vortex Lightning 8X32 for $89.99 from www.eagleoptics.com when I ordered them they were on back order but I already had a pair of binos so no big deal. Come to find out the binos were still in the manufacturing (thats how new the company is). So I finally got them. Amazing for 90$ these things are outstanding. I spent a full day at work looking at the mountains and was able to see vehicles driving on the mountian and could tell you the make and model of them and see people walking around on the mountian and see what they were wearing. The mountain is about 8 miles away. I will have to say this I am not an expert by any means on optics before this pair I thought binos were binos were binos, and I have looked through the high dollar stuff in the stores and yeah there is a differnce but not enough differnce to spend that much. This pair of $90 binos I have trumps every pair of binos I have ever owned and is on the same level of clarity as the super expensive ones I have looked through. Also to make it even better they have a unlimited lifetime warrenty. I know this kinda sounds like a sales pitch but trust me its not. Check them out at www.vortexoptics.com