Trim Pro 3 way cutter + Trim Pro Power Case Trimmer = Epic Win


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Jul 15, 2009
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So I recently picked up the RCBS power case trimmer and the trim pro 3 way cutter and I have to say life is good. I full length sized and trimmed/chamfered/deburred 125 375 H&H magnum cases in about 35 minutes last night. After sizing a case, I would stick it in the trimmer and engage the power handle, then turn back to my press, throw in another casing, size it, and by the time I had it sized, the previous case had been trimmed, chamfered, and deburred. I pulled out the finished case, put in the sized case, and start the trimmer back up. Then put another case in the press, and lather, rinse, repeat.

I measured the first 6 cases and they were all perfect, so I started measuring every 4th case and found them all to be perfect. What a time and elbow grease saver. I highly recommend the 3 way cutter.

I plan on sizing and trimming 150 300 RUM cases tonight.


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