Trailer Disc Brake Conversion to Kodiaks


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Apr 25, 2006
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I'm looking for advice from anyone who has swaped out Tie Down disc brakes for Kodiaks. I'm interested to find out if this is an easy swap out or fairly involved. I'm fed up with replacing Tie Down discs and rotors. IMO the wear rate on TD parts is excessive. I pull about an 8K load with brakes on each axle, mostly from S. Anchorage to Whittier which is about is flat a tow as you can get. I do regular annual brake and hub maintenance. Disc pads only seem to last one season. No excess hub heat after towing so I don't think the discs are hanging up. I rinse off the brakes after every saltwater dunking. Kodiaks are about twice the price but figure it's worth the expense if they hold up better. I would appreciate any insights or opinions on this change over or other's experience with TD pad and rotor wear.

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