Tikka Factory Ring round up


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Apr 25, 2003
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Eagle River, AK
After years of reading Tikka ring threads I figured some pictures might be in order. To summarize from numerous other threads:
Tikka stock rings have been used by many with no issues. The notable exception is in the .338 WM calibers.
Numerous folks have voiced the opinion that the factory rings are “junk”. My observation is that a lot of these folks never tried them.
Some folks have had issues with Tikka ring screws stripping.
Several other brands of aftermarket rings have served well on Tikkas, with Talley one piece mentioned frequently.
As I have posted, my experience with my 2004 T-3 in .300WM after literally hundreds of stiff rounds was that the factory rings never changed zero or slipped. This was despite pretty rough handling over the years. The steel pin that anchors the front ring into the round hole in the receiver DID start banging a budge into the alloy of the front ring though.
Worried about a possible failure I joined the Talley club. Having to remount a scope and resight in one of my “go to” guns was fun, but could have been avoided if I had gone Talley out of the box as advised.
Photos show how in Tikka fashion the ring appear to be manufactured identically with the steel pin added to one of the two. Despite my poor photography, I hope the bulge is apparent on the front ring.
As always, I encourage folks to go their own way. In my opinion it is entirely possible you will never have problems with the factory rings, but I share my experience for what it is worth.


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Apr 25, 2006
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Thanks for the write up and photos. I currently have 3 tikka 300wsm in my possession. None of them show the bulging that you experienced, but 2 of the 3 show stress lines in the exact same location. The 3rd rifle has seen very little use. While none have ever lost zero, I think I will replace before I hunt with mine.