This weekend Dipping on Kenai. 7/12


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Jul 17, 2011
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Enjoyed a good weekend on the Kenai. Wow the power of the call of the reds! We stayed at Centennial campground and it was full as usual like all other campgrounds with good people having a good time. All of us spent considerable resources to fish the weekend only to be skunked by the commercial fleet. Yes we caught some, but everyone was amazed that the fleet was out on the weekend. At a minimum it would have been a win win if the fleet was out timed to catch when we cannot 11pm to 6am. I believe there should be some consideration from ADF&G on fleet timing for weekend personal use and sports. We've dip netted from a boat for ten plus years and this was the first with a Police boat, it was odd to see blue lights and sirens and we were checked by two Parks Ranger boats. All in all we did well since we could fish till Tuesday. Great time meeting other campers and fisherman.
The call of the Reds is powerful.
BTW Kudos to the folks that manage the boat launch. Awesome Men and Women young and older.