Taurus 24/7 9MM


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Apr 25, 2006
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I bought this handgun for my wife to hopefully get her into shooting. I was looking for a small and low recoil semi auto handgun that my wifes 100 lbs frame could handle.

The recoil was very low and easily managed by my wife. I have read this handgun can have problems jacketing bullets into the chamber, but we did not have any problems in the 50 rounds fired. The sights suck big time. They are hard to aim and I think this made for very scattered groups. I am hoping to replace them with something easier to aim.

The bigest disapointment with this handgun is the trigger pull. You have to pull the trigger around an inch or more to touch off a round. I have read the trigger can be moved to make it a single action handgun. I would like to try this to see if it lessons the trigger pull.

The trigger will take awhile to get used to and once my wife is acustomed to the trigger and after I replace the sights I would like to see tighter groups.

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