Special Thanks To The Helpful Fisherman!


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May 11, 2006
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Westin, MO
This weekend I traveled from Fairbanks to give Deshka yet another try. This was a spur of the moment trip as my friend is leaving Alaska Tues and his brother was up from the lower 48. I was busy prepping the boat when another boat pulled aside me. I asked him how he did and he smiled. The kids (all 5) were laughing and busy telling me about the fish they caught. I told him that I was going to try the upper stretches of the Deshka and hope to find a couple silvers. He said that he fished his honey holes on the Deshka and only got one. I asked about a couple of the channels up there and he gave me good advice.I also told him that we really were looking for a few chums and pinks for entertainment and smoking.

Then a few minutes later he came back to my boat and told me of a spot to catch silvers but I would have to fight through the chums and pinks. I took his advice and had one of the best fishing trips I've ever had in Alaska. I saw more fish than I ever had and fished until we couldn't fish. We didn't limit out but sure had a blast trying (caught and released over 50 fish).

I wanted to say Thanks to that special fisherman with parting with his wisdom and trusting me with his secret!!! If we ever meet again I owe you a beer or two for the incredible tip and trip!!

This guy is what makes Alaska so special!