South brooks hike and float - moose


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Feb 13, 2023
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I have been doing as much reading on here as I can, and cannot seem to find much on southern brooks range float type hunts. I have been looking at several streams around Coldfoot both south and north would be in (2 4 A) . I know there is the 5 mile corridor there for archery only that is a draw unit. I would be looking to either line rafts or potentially pack in pack rafts with a buddy to target moose. My understanding is much of that water is skinny and not to be operated by powered boats. I am planning to be up there this fall to do some looking around and no actual hunting in that area. Before I get up there though, was wondering if what I am thinking about is even possible. Are any of those streams or rivers capable of being rafted back to the road if you first line up or carry in to hunt them. And if they can be accessed in this manner, are there moose in general there to be targeted? I am not looking for stream names to consider or anything like that, unless you have specific recommendations for or against that you would be willing to share in PM. Mostly I am just trying to see if I have a viable idea? Thanks for any information you are willing to share!


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Jul 23, 2003
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As Larry stated, I've been up there several times and I haven't seen one boat on any of the rivers or streams. Trying to get five miles out? If there was one to do that on many would also be doing it.

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