Smoked Halibut Recipe


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Apr 25, 2006
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I ended up with a bunch of overflow halibut from a trip to Montague Island last week. No more room in the freezer, so I decided to try to smoke some of it. I first coated the filets with a sprinkling of fine sea salt, then followed with a rub of raw brown sugar and cajun blackened fish seasoning. I coated the outside with the brown sugar mix and put the filets in unsealed plastic bags in the refrigerator--sort of like a shake-n-bake bag only with brown sugar inside. I tossed them around a bit to ensure an even coating. After about six hours I took them out of the bags, which were now half filled with juice from the fish, and dried the fish out on a rack, giving them one more sprinkle (JUST a sprinkle) of sea salt. I brushed off the excess brown sugar but did not rinse them completely. I then smoked them over a 1/3 mesquite and 2/3 alder mix, through at least three full trays in a small smoker. I smoked one batch longer as it was going into the freezer. The other batch I'm eating now. It's surprisingly good. It's salty, but not overpoweringly so. It is still pretty moist and goes well with jack cheese on pilot bread.

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