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Jun 16, 2010
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Alaska, Mat valley
I used 3 pallets. Stand on the end & Tied them together in the corners.
The separation in the boards give some air circulation.
I drove in 2 fence post on the front to hold the front boards
in place. As I fill it I add another board.
(You may need a rope across the front, to hold the front together if you load it full & the front starts to lean out)
I wrapped some old GH fiberglass around the outside, to help
hold in some heat & moisture yet the sides can still get air & some old glass window on the hidden side.
Any heat is help, & the wind cools & dries out the sides.
I stapled some cheap 3/4 netting on the inside to help hold
the smaller stuff in place.
I made some air pipes (really helps the bugs get air & not become anaerobic & start to smell, specially if it gets real wet) & lay some in about every foot of compost material
& let them stick out the front boards..
I use this one for my summer compost, all kitchen veg & fruit scraps go here. I may add some misc garden stuff (plants/weeds, moose nuggets, leaaves etc) thru the year, & mix in grass clippings in around mid August to get it heating up good to cook most of the weeds seeds.
I keep it covered, ( I like clear covers, solar heat gain) for heat & moisture control (not to wet, just damp is good)
Damp, not wet is key, air pipes help & mixing it helps too. The bugs need air.
I found it need to be at least 2 feet deep to start "cooking" 3ft is even better.
Usually the bottom 1 foot or more is done by the end of the year, & I mix it all up & leave it go thru the winter. I have added all the contents to the big garden compost bin if it has not broken down enough, but since adding the air pipes, I've had good compost at years end. I empty & use/save the good stuff in the spring & leave anything that needs more composting in it & start adding thru the year.
If you have some saved compost, plastic bag or at least cover it (black plastic) so the good nutrients don't leech out with rain & weeds growing in it. GARDEN GOLD, Organic & you know what's in it!


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