Shooting from a boat

Nov 16, 2010
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The regulations concerning shooting from the boat are different depending on where you are hunting and for what you are hunting for. In Prince William Sound it is not legal to shoot black bear from a boat in unit (6D), 5 AAC 92.085(12); however a person with physical disabilities as defined in AS 16.05.940, may hunt from a boat under authority of a permit issued by the department of fish and game. It is legal to shoot other big game from a boat in Prince William Sound. The reason behind the regulation for not shooting black bear from a boat is wounding loss.
In some areas of the state there are no restrictions on shooting big game from a boat. However in game management units 1-5, you are not allowed to take any big game from a boat. 5 AAC 92.085(9).
The bow of the boat has nothing to do with the regulation. In GMU's where the taking of big game is prohibited from a boat, you must be physically standing on the shore to be legal.
Thanks for the question, AWT

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