Shooting and drinking a couple


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Aug 28, 2013
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This kind of proves my point. If someone openly drinks a single beer, they typically aren’t hiding anything.

If they are, they are no different from the person who isn’t openly drinking a beer but sneaking alcohol or much worse mind-altering chemicals you can’t see. If someone has “bailey's in their morning coffee” or “Jack in their coke,” they’re hiding something. Not the guy who openly has one beer.

I’d rather shoot with the guy who had one beer.
Addicts (drugs, alcohol, other substance or actions) ALWAYS start off with saying they "don't have a problem, everything is in control" whether they ingest one, two or a dozen of their preferred substance. They rarely see their problem until they hit rock bottom and nobody is there to pick them up or support them.

I know people who drink all day, every day and you usually cant tell they've been drinking until late in the day. Their bodies have adjusted to levels of alcohol content that would kill most other people. They are know as functional alcoholics. Some of them hide it and others do it openly, either way they are not in my circle of friends because they cant be trusted for anything