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Apr 25, 2006
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I fished the waterfall Friday night and Saturday. I beat the water until my arm was about to fall off. For most of the day I was alone on the shore, and there were more boats cruising the coast line than people on the shore. All day long people were watching me from the parking lot fish the incoming tide. Finally, I hooked one. The hook wasnt set very well but I tried to pull it on the bank as quick as possible. The King, which I estimated it to be about 30lbs, took off into the bay. I muscled the King within reach of the shore and the hook fell out when the fish was hit with a big wave. It was fairly red too, but I felt my hook was too heavy and with that wave it gave just enough slack to let the hook drop out. AS soon as eveyrone saw me hook a fish the bank filled up within 15 minutes.

The fishing was SLOW!!!! I saw one other fish hooked in those two days and it wasnt on the end of his line for very long. I also noticed the spot above the bridge bellow the water fall has now been opened for fishing. That was a shock to me.

What I do not understand is why people need to wear chest waders and wade half way out into Resurection bay. Also, are nets really nescessary on the shore? Theres plenty of beach to land even the largest fish. Also I watched a couple loose hooks on almost every other cast for about half and hour. They did not stray from their spots once. The water was so shallow where they were fishing you could see the bottom 20 feet out. I bet I could find $100 worth of hooks at low tide if I stayed another night.

I would LOVE to see the City of Seward put a camp site at the waterfall. I would like a place to let me wife and child sleep while I fish, alllllllll night long :) . The other campground near the harbor is too crowded for me. But I am sure theres a reason why no camp ground has been installed.

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