Russian River Family Success


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Apr 25, 2006
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I wouldn't normally bring my kids to the Russian River because of it's earned reputation, but I decided it would be a good experience if we were patient, wise and didn't want fish too bad. Well Friday it was HOT!!! and I was able to get my limit in about an hour and my boys managed to get their limits after a little more time of trial and error. Error can be a no no at the Russian, and I don't suggest people try to learn to fish there. At any rate we found a spot with lots of elbow room for our kids to learn some new skills in their fishing ability. We had great neighbors and had an extraordinary day fishing. It was worth the trip for sure with a total of 23 reds between the 5 of us. We felt that one was enough for our 7 year old daughter....after losing two and landing her 3rd she was pretty wore out. Catching 6 hard fighting reds will tire most people anyhow. We took a video to show some of the action for people who are wondering what it's all about.