Repowering a pontoon boat


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Aug 18, 2009
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I have a 14' pontoon I'm thinking of repowering. It's rated for up to a 20hp and currently has a 9.9hp high thrust 4 stroke Johnson which I don't consider dependable. When it does run it seems to push the boat ok but pretty slow. I don't really understand the REAL difference between a "high thrust" and a standard motor. somebody told me I wouldn't gain much going from a high thrust 9.9 to a 15 or even 20. I can live with the current performance but if I had the option of kicking it up a notch it would be a nice option.
i see mostly yamaha 50s on the river but am wondering about the smaller motors.
Yamaha still makes a 2 stroke. I thought 4 strokes would be the way to go with emissions, fuel economy and the oil hassle, but should I consider a 2 stroke? Getting this thing off the lake and to a shop WILL be a hassle. Are 4 strokes less reliable and more prone to problems? I'd appreciate any advice on powering a small a pontoon boat and opinions on yamaha, vs honda vs Suzuki . I have a 6hp 4 stroke Suzuki I've been running for 5+ years and it's been pretty trouble free Thanks