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Paul H

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Apr 25, 2006
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A couple of points. Personally I think the windage adjustable bases are a poor design. If the scope mount screws are that far off on an action, a screwey base design isn't the solution.

Second point, the scope is not to be used for torqueing the front ring into position. Not sure if this was done or not, but it certainly can damage a scope.

Third the scope flopping around with a loose rear base will also promote damage to the scope.

I'd recomend sending the scope to Leupold to have it checked out, they are excellent about repairs.

I'd also go with a better ring base/design, the dual dovetail leupies are good, ie the front and rear are of the same design, the weavers and copies of weavers are good, and talley makes a neat one piece base/ring setup. To me a good design has as few parts as possible, and the talleys win in that regard.

A properly mounted good scope should be easy to dial in. If you're having base and or scope problems, it will lead to agrivation.

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