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Jul 3, 2012
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I tried to search for this but I did not find any answers. I prefer to read forums in a linear view but posts in this forum are always backwards. For instance, post #1 can be on the 5th page while the latest post is on the first page. So, when I go to read a thread I have to start at the last page and read forward. Also, when I go to a new page I have to scroll to the bottom and read up. I have played with the hybrid and threaded options but it tends to "hide" posts if I don't see that someone responded to a post within the thread. Anyway, is this by design or am I missing some other option? I have tried this with both IE and Chrome and it displays the same for both. What is really odd is it only does this when I am logged in so that also has me questioning if there is some other setting I need to change. Thanks.

Edit: Please disregard. I feel quite silly now. As soon as I posted this I went back and checked my General Settings and it was right there to set Linear mode to Oldest First.

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