Possible Trench fuel


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Jul 30, 2008
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Flying the Trench earlier this month, Northbound in a C 170, on the Mackenzie to Watson Lake leg a stop was made at Port Grahame. Calling ahead to Finlay River Outfitters, an inquiry as to possibility of obtaining fuel from their supply was made. They were happy to provide a place for me to transfer my spare fuel into the wings, and to offer a simple room for $60, but late in the season the booking lady said there would be no fuel available. That seemed fair enough, but a pleasant surprise awaited. When taxiing in I was directed to their fuel tank and fueled from their remaining supply.

Jordy at Finlay also pointed out the location of two hunters camp strips on the North side of the trench, which are uncharted, but that would likely have fuel available in hunting season. Flying the Trench can be a challenge for short range airplanes and helicopters. The unlisted in various flight data air strips with fuel are out there though. A call to the various outfitters in that country may be of help.