Polly Creek run from Kenai


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Oct 22, 2006
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Would like to make a Polly Creek crossing from Kenai for razor clams, I know it’s shorter from Deep Creek but my trailer is not set up for beach launching with side board; plus I’m a little leery of the whole beach-tractor launch thing with a 25 foot fiberglass boat.

Thinking of giving myself enough start to arrive 1.5-2 hours before low tide. Have never done this so looking for any inputfrom those who have; done a few fly in trips over the years, just never takingthe boat over.

As the boat goes dry I would assume keeping the bow into the waves would be prudent.

Plan is to run the boat into as shallow water as possible, drop anchor then try to keep the bow seaward as she goes dry??

Been thinking of making this trip for a couple of years, would like to make it happen early next month with one of those -4 or-5 tides.

Looking at the tide book don’t see Polly Creek in the time adjustment tables (or missed it), what’s the best reference to use??




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Sep 30, 2007
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Tustumena Lake Road
Just did this trip earlier this month ..... from Kenai. We also planned on arriving 1.5 to 2 hrs before low water. Here are some things you need to know:

There is a sand bar that extends south of Kalgin Island for about 15 miles. There is a buoy (Kalgin Island buoy) that marks the south end of the bar. It is not safe to cross the bar when the tide is running out to a big minus tide ...... that means you have to go to the Kalgin buoy to get around the bar. The buoy (drifters call it "the can") is about 40 miles from Kenai. How long does it take to get to the can? .... depends on how calm it is. You also have to cross the middle rip ..... which can be a lot rougher than other parts of the Inlet. If you arrive at Polly Creek or Crescent River 2 hrs before low water you will find sand bars going dry far from shore ..... and you won't be able to get any closer. These sand bars ..... or mounds are like islands with water around them that will prevent you from walking from one to another ..... once you go dry on one ..... you're stuck there. The bad news is ....... these 'far from shore' sand mounds don't necessarily have razor clams on them ...... which I recently learned.

The solution: You may have to go much earlier than you think and keep an eye on other boats and where they are going dry ..... which might be much closer to shore. Good luck.

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