Out of State Vessel Registration

Nov 16, 2010
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Being that this is the first post for this forum site, I thought I would take it easy with a fairly simple question. Some of the questions that have already come in are somewhat complicated and will take time to research. As stated in the forum rules, I will not be able to respond to all questions posed. Remember... I will not respond to "what if" questions. Please form the question in the most direct manner as possible. Thanks for the support from the forum members so far.

Question: I come to Alaska every fall from Canada and would like to bring my inflatable/small outboard combo. What are the rules regarding using my powered out of state water craft in Alaska. I know if I was living in Alaska I would need to register it (regulations call for registration of all motorized water craft) but as an outsider what happens? In Canada all water craft with engines less than 10HP do not need to be registered. Therefore, I would have an unregistered boat if I brought it to Alaska. I can't see the state of Alaska requiring visitors to register boats they brought with them on vacation, but would like confirmation on this.

Answer: AS 05.25.055. Registration and Numbering of Boats.

(a) An undocumented boat placed on water of the state must be registered and numbered as required by this chapter. The Department of Administration shall adopt by regulation a boat registration and numbering system that is consistent with the national standard for state numbering systems established by the United States Coast Guard.

(d) A person may not operate a boat on water of the state unless a valid certificate of number has been awarded by the Department of Administration to the boat and the identification number and any required validation decals are properly displayed on the boat.

(i) The following boats are exempt from the numbering and registration provisions of this section:
(1) a boat that is operated in this state for a period not exceeding 90 consecutive days and that has a current, valid certificate of number issued by another state having a federally approved numbering system;
(2) a foreign boat operated in water of the state for a period not exceeding 90 consecutive days;
(3) a boat owned by the United States or an entity or political subdivision of the United States, or a boat owned by a state or an entity or political subdivision of a state;
(4) a boat that is not equipped with mechanical propulsion;
(5) a boat with a valid document to operate the boat that is issued by the United States or a foreign government;
(6) a handmade non-motorized umiaq with a walrus or sealskin covering.

I hope this answers your question.

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