Our Decision on the 2A Forum

Michael Strahan

Apr 24, 1999
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Anchorage, Alaska
Hi folks,

After some deliberation, we have decided to suspend the 2A forum. Lots of reasons for this, not the least of which is that it is peripheral to our central purpose of providing information about the Alaska outdoors. While we certainly recognize the importance of this issue, and we stand for defending our right to keep and bear arms, we believe it is time to get back to what this site is all about.

For those who wish to discuss this critical issue, we suggest seeking out any of the many other venues specializing in this topic on a national level. Please refrain from introducing this topic into other forums, including the General Discussion. Such posts will be deleted.

For the rest of our community, our apologies for any negative effects this forum has had on you, and we look forward to a breath of fresh air here, as much as we welcome the coming Alaska summer.

This forum will remain visible for another day or two, so our members have a chance to see this notice, however it is locked to prevent further posts.

Best regards,


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