optics what power and how to fix a pair

chef viktor

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Apr 25, 2006
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I know we have discussed this before but here is a question that we have not really touched on. Are a pair of good quality 10 by 25s good enough or is there truly a great advantage of saving another thousand dollars and buy either a 10 by 32 or 10 by 42. I have always used a pair of Nikon 10 by 25s but I am thinking about a pair of leicas. Suggestions as to power?

I have a second question and that is i have a pair of Nikon 10 by 25s that i bought from Longs drugs 15 years ago. They have been used hard and still are good. The one problem is that they no longer will stay open and the small adjustable knob feel loose and i hear some dirt scraping sound inside. They still operate but have me concerned. Anyone know how to tighten that knob or how to take them apart so that i can clean them? Thanks Chef Viktor

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