Opinions, pls, Re: SE brownies


Apr 25, 2006
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Fairbanks, AK
OK. I have my opinion, but am curious to know what others do. Whilst hunting the brown bruins in SE AK, is it wise to creep up salmon-infested streams (fall) and stink up the place? Regardless of wind direction, one is going to leave stink on brush at the least. Does the smell of humans matter to fishing brownies? One allegedly successful local down there told me not to worry about odor. Hmmmm. Another popular option seems to be sitting in a boat, glassing flats and creek mouths, and then stalking an observed bear. Is sitting in a tree above the mouth of a stream productive, or does walking in there stink it up too much? I just got back from Sitka, and other than walking to within 75 yds of a very descent bear the day BEFORE season, we saw very few animals. Lots of late-night, early a.m, and every other time glassing, too. Not sure what went wrong. PS: We did not seem to disturb the beast we saw one iota; he just never appeared again. I should have shot him early... kidding. Thanks for your thoughts. j

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