Not enough fish?


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Jan 8, 2007
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welfare state of Alaska
I got to the point of "most cited researcher" and pretty much lost me. As always... Follow the money. Give me a couple of million to research something and I can prove that whale farts cause male pattern baldness.

That is why I said "interesting data and history and international regulation of commercial fishing" instead of read how smart this guy is. Opinions can and are bought on both sides of any issue - I always taught my kids "the truth is usually somewhere in the middle".

He was originally founded by the Pew Trust which was originally conservative, but has now turned to the flaming left so I'm sure he was or is now trying to please. He may actually be a bit less biased than many with an agenda perhaps?

And since he does give Alaskan fisheries management praise, and isn't a fan of salmon farming - he may not be the villain many suspect.

If anyone has any articles of a conflicting opinion lets see that reference also - I'm sure there is some "researcher" funded by an organization of trawlers or such.