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Jan 1, 1997
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Anchorage, Alaska
As in the old forums, negative comments are not allowed about individuals, businesses or organizations on these forums.

Here are the long standing rules:
1) Alaska outdoors-related information only.
2) We are pro hunting and pro fishing. If you are not, we respect your right to an opinion, but post it elsewhere on the `net.
3) Treat others as you would have them treat you. Netspeak: no flames. Comment on outdoor related ideas is welcome; comment on people is not.
4) We do not allow messages that would cause your mother to wash your mouth with soap if you read them to her.
5) Commercial messages are welcome in the Swap n Sell forum (see additional rules) as long as they directly relate to Alaska outdoors activities. Advertising and other commercial messages are not permitted in the other forums. However, if you are sell a product or service, you may mention that as a secondary part of a message.
6) It is easy to disseminate bad information on the `net. Therefore, we reserve the right to eliminate information that appears to be spurious.
7) We do not permit negative comments about individuals, businesses or organizations. If a question is posted about a business, it is best to respond privately. The issue is one of liability for us. These forums are a public service, and we are unwilling to deal with the potential for litigation that could destroy our business. The easiest answer for us is "no negative comments." If you have had a bad experience, simply indicate that you have had experience with the company in question and invite people to contact you privately.
8) All images you upload must be in good taste. Remember that your images may be used against the outdoor activity you love -- so consider carefully what you post. Nudity of any sort is not permitted. We reserve the right to eliminate images or entire posts at our discretion. Postings that do not adhere to these rules may be edited or disappear without warning. We reserve the right to remove any message for any reason or no reason, but violation of the rules will result in action.

Here's a way you can deal with this. If you have positive information, post away. But if you have had a bad experience with a company or organization, just say that, and invite people to message you through the system for more details.

I realize this is confining, but having had recent experience with a very unhappy company (not an advertiser at the time), I can assure you that this rule will be staying intact.

The reality is that there are bad businesses operating in Alaska, right alongside the good. It would be great to be able to be open and complete about that in this venue. But it is also a reality that some people want to use these forums for revenge, when the problem may have been largely or even totally their fault. We don't have the resources to sort these situations out; thus the rule.


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