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Jul 2, 2006
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Hi everyone. I'm new here to this forum but I've been around for 56 snows. Arkansas was were I was born and raised but as the locals say "I been tampered with" since I have since lived in New Mexico, Wyoming, Texas, and now full circle back to Arkansas. I served a little time in the Green Machine during a police action and now live just outside a small town called Mountain Home, Arkansas in the Ozark Mountains. I grew up in the country running the hills, swamps, hunting and fishing. I respect the knowledge and experience living and hunting in a place like Alaska must give to you so I may at times ask questions that to you may seem dumb but it is out of want to learn from experience. It's great to have such a place as this site and again howdy y'all!

So, here is what may seem to be my first dumb question. Does anyone ever use solids on the big bears? The reason I ask is I was reading a book by a retired Alaskan guide that talked about it being a good idea. I had never heard of them being used before and had met a gentleman from South Africa a few years back that came out with what he called an flat nosed expanding solid. Well it started me thinking and so I thought I would present the information to you to see what you think of their idea.