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Apr 25, 2006
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Juneau - Auke Bay
As Cowboy Shooting has taken some obsolete guns and calibers out of the history books and made top sellers of them; I think we Alaskans should begin a new style for shooting and other range games. Call it Alaskan Frontier Shooting. This new sporting event will of course use the ever-popular Alaskan calibers we all know and love .338 Win Mag 375 H&H 458 Lott
405WCF 35 Wheelen .30-06 45-70 and the list is on-going... Rifles, Pistols, Shotguns, Whale guns, anything that shoots is welcome in this club event. One can dress up, dress down or even cross-dress it it makes one happy. The point of hosting an Alaskan Frontier Shoot is to promote gun safety, marksmanship and good 'ol fashion target shooting.

Now to list the events of this new sport. Blasting road signs from a moving vehicle is not the idea of this trend...

Back 20 some years ago I was involved in a club shoot where the theme was military action shooting. You could compete in target accuracy and speed shooting but the classes were military bolt action, and military auto-loader. The guns could be modified, but still use the military caliber examples were 8mm mausers, Mosin-Nagants, British Enfields, 1903-A3's M1 Garrands, M1 Carbines, etc... The local gun shops sold dozens of of old rifles as popularity of the events got around and competing with the old mil-surps was really a good time.

The Alaskan Frontier Events would need to have special events uncommon to any other events that would apply the use of above mentioned calibers.

Any thoughts on such a sporting event?

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