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Apr 25, 2006
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Honda Introduces the All-New BF90 and BF75 4-Stroke Marine Outboard Engines

Tokyo, Japan, Sept. 13, 2006 - (JCN Newswire) - Honda Motor Co., Ltd. introduced the all-new BF90 and BF75 medium-sized(*1) 4-stroke marine outboard engines. The two new models will go on sale through Honda's outboard dealers in Japan on November 1, 2006. The new BF90 and BF75 achieve outstanding clean exhaust performance that exceeds US California Air Resources Board (CARB) emissions regulations for 2008 - the most stringent emissions standards in the world - while delivering superb performance, fuel efficiency and reliability. They are also the lightest, most compact models in their output category(*2) (90 to 100 PS).
Developed on the base of the 1.5-liter engine of the Honda Fit automobile, the new engines feature Honda's PGM-FI programmed fuel injection system and lean-burn combustion, and VTEC(*3). They also boast the world's first ignition timing governed by BLAST(*4) (Boosted Low Speed Torque) air/fuel ratio technology and other advanced electronic control devices. Together with a lightweight, compact design, these technologies combine to offer outstanding performance and fuel efficiency. Maximum speed and acceleration performance are improved, while fuel consumption is reduced by more than 20%(*5) compared to the previous BF90 model(*6). Battery charging capacity has been more than doubled to a class-leading 35 amperes.

*1 25 to 100 PS
*2 90 PS/75 PS (Honda calculations)
*3 Variable Valve Timing and Lift, Electronic Control (featured only on
the BF90).
*4 Ignition timing is governed by air/fuel ratio at constant speed and
during acceleration for improved acceleration.
*5 In EPA-emission mode (Honda calculations)
*6 Honda calculations

Honda has already taken steps to ensure that all 19 models in its marine
outboard engine lineup, from the BF2 (2 PS) to the BF225 (225 PS),
deliver emission performance complying with CARB 2008 regulations,
making Honda the world's first outboard engine manufacturer to make its
entire lineup CARB 2008 compatible(*7). As a symbol of their clean
operation, all outboard engines for sale in Japan display an "Ultra-Low
Emissions" logo to identify them as the world's leading
environment-friendly engines.

*7 As of 2003

BF90/BF75 Main Features

Lightweight and Compact
- The integral head and exhaust manifold construction, lightweight and
compact generator with neodymium magnet rotor, and integral oil pan and
crankcase design combine for a 6kg weight reduction and 10% size
reduction compared to the previous model.

Fuel Economy
- Lean-burn operation is achieved through the use of Honda PGM-FI(Honda
Programmed Fuel Injection) and an O2 feedback sensor. The implementation
of intake/exhaust roller-type rocker arms and an offset cylinder layout
help reduce internal friction, resulting in over 20% higher fuel
efficiency compared to the previous model (EPA emissions-mode fuel

Operational Performance
- The BF90 and BF75 are the world's first marine outboard engines to
feature ignition timing governed by air/fuel ratio technology.
Acceleration at all engine speeds is significantly improved through
optimized, computer-controlled ignition timing based on air/fuel ratio.

- A separate two-way cooling system, new aerodynamically designed gear
case, VTEC technology* and knock control* help achieve the highest
maximum speed in the category yet with a smaller engine capacity. The
new gear case is designed with a reduced frontal surface to reduce
hydrodynamic drag. A large-sized splash plate helps reduce water splash
while a longer anti-ventilation plate helps reduce cavitation around the
propeller. To promote the use of the BF90/BF75 engines on a wider
variety of boats, a 2.33-to-1 gear ratio has been selected. This allows
for a choice of larger screws, helping achieve higher speeds and reduced

* Featured on the BF90 only

Environmental Performance
- In addition to exhaust emissions levels that are significantly lower
than those required by both the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
(EPA) for 2006 and domestic Japanese voluntary regulations, both BF90
and BF75 also exceed the 2008 CARB standards - the most stringent
standards in the world.
- Both models are 95% recyclable (Honda calculations).

Durability and Reliability
- Oil pressure alert, overheat alert, over-rev limiter, PGM-FIwarning,
ACG warning,water-in-fuel warning and other alert functions ensure
instant recognition of any potential malfunction or abnormal operation.

Battery Charging Capacity
- Lightweight, compact generator boasts a category-leading net battery
charging capacity of 35 amperes.

Easy to Install and Maintain
- The BF90/BF75 can be mated to a wider range of boat types than
conventional models due to their light-weight, compact design.

- A flush valve joint makes for easy engine cleaning after use.

- A two-piece undercover promotes easier maintenance.

- Like Honda's larger marine outboard engines, the BF90/BF75 feature a
striking "wing form" design for strength and streamlining.

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