My new tent camp

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Apr 25, 2006
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Many years ago I built a 21' x 8' 6" tandem axle trailer to haul toys on. Now that we are in our mid 60's we sometimes load the Lance camper on the truck, so I often pitch a wall tent beside it to store gear in. I stopped by Alaska Tent & Tarp when I was in Anchorage and asked them about making a tent for me that would fit on my trailer and they said they would. I am going to build a detachable frame for the trailer that I can bolt on when we go hunting. I am thinking 4' 6" side walls with a 7' peak. The tent will be roughly 8' 6" X 14' and made out of that light weight material they sell. I will have the stove jack on the far end away from the camper and will have them do 2 windows and a screen door. They told me to just have the frame on and to drop the trailer off for a couple of days. Should provide ample space for any thing we need, including cots and a table. A wall tent, a ply wood floor and a wood stove, I'm excited.