My cabin, when can I chink?


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Apr 25, 2006
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South Dakota/Talkeetna
My brother, I, and a few friends started this cabin last summer, by August we had the roof on. I came back in October and worked on the porch, insulation in ceiling, woodstove installed, other small projects (and fishing).
I was up in March and May and we got the window in the dormer, T&G floor in loft, porch roof on, decking, a little inside work (and fishing).
It's an ongoing project, people ask when we'll get it done, my reply is probably never. Half the fun of having a cabin is working on it. IF we ever get it done I may sell it and build another!
A few days in August and I hope to get some steel on foundation walls, hopefully railing in loft and deck, cottonwood shiplap on ceiling, something on inside floor, insulation underneath (and fishing).
So I'm wondering about chinking the walls. I've talked to people that say do it anytime, some say wait a couple years, some say after a year. I talked with the Permachink folks and heard their recommendations on checking moisture content, and it sounds like it may be ok to chink this summer. I will bring a meter with me and check the moisture content. But I'm curious what some of you have experienced.
We used green logs last summer. We left 4 inch gaps above windows and door. I marked around the windows with a pencil last fall, and checked in May this year and its only shrunk down about 1/4 inch. From what I understand it'll take 3+ years to get most of the shrinkage.
So would it be safe to start chinking this fall, a full year after getting it closed in, or would it be best to wait another year?
I havent noticed any twisting or cracking yet, but I know it's coming.


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Amigo Will

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Nov 8, 2008
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The longer you take to dry it in the longer it takes to dry. I would at least cover all openings on the inside and run the stove to dry inside out.