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May 4, 2006
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Big blisters, simple solution

Big blisters, simple solution

First find some medical tape and some 1x1 gause pads. Tape the 1x1 down as tight as you can. This will cause the fluid in the blister to re-exorb in to the surrounding tissue. Next get a pair of sock liners or really thin dress socks (nylon/poly) and ware them under your normal socks. This will help to keep your shoe / boot from rubbing the area raw. Ensure that your shoes / boots are comfortably snug when your lace them up. Take a extra pair of socks with you where ever you go and change your socks when your feet get wet from persperation. The combenation of the sock/sockliners and keeping your feet dry will have that blister gone in a couple of days. In a week or two the old skin from the blister will start to peal from your foot. Just let it fall off on its own. My dad is a podiatrist and he had me do this after my first 20 mile ruck march. It has helped me prevent and treat any and all my foot blisters. The my dad's advice has make the last 6 years of ruckmarching in the Army a lot more pleasent. Hope those feet get better and good luck on the hunt.