Mercury Sport Jet Adjustable trim plate


Jan 20, 2008
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I looked real hard at those about 2 years ago, but went with the scott trim nozzle. Deciding factor was the scratch marks on the bottom of the trim plate from gravel and rocks and i was not sure how it would hold up, and when i really got to looking the stomp grate is lower than the trim plate too.
I know you can knock a trim nozzle off too but i think it would be much harder to damage than a trim plate, i think one really hard wack and you might bust one of those little hydrolic rams and then not able to get back on step or the trim would be so goofed up that it would cause serious problems. One nice thing about the trim plate is the price-- way cheaper than the trim nozzle, but i have been really happy with the nozzle when carrying really heavy loads, and normal loads in really shallow (less than 6-8") i can point that thing down ease on the throttle and it raises the back of boat enough i can still get on step. I dont really use it enough with heavy loads to say it was worth it for that aspect, but the ability to get on step when you are bouncing along off bottom is really nice, I needed about a foot before the nozzle to get on step.
Give me a holler and i will show it to you and how it all works, they dont come with instillation instructions either, but they are pretty strait forward to put on.

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