Larry Hamilton anyone??


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Mar 26, 2008
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Kenai Peninsula, Ak.
Hey folks, The wife and I found an old tackle box full of gear beachcoming last wk. Lots of plugs etc in it. Its been in the water a long while and had an item in it with the name "Larry Hamilton" on it. Anyone know a Larry Hamilton that may have lost a tackle box? It would be great to hear the story of when where how. I'm sure he would like to know where his items ended up. It was in the salt water long enough to dissolve all but the stainless steel hooks in the box. This item was posted in "lost" forum but figured someone who fishes would know this Larry Hamilton. It used to be a pretty extensive tackle box. He obviously enjoyed his fishing. One hint as to who 'Larry' might be.... the item with his name on it was a stainless steel medical instrument.
Are u out there Larry?