Kodiak Still hot


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Apr 4, 2011
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Still hot here in Kodiak. Halibut averaging 20-100lbs. Yesterday was a rockfish and lingcod day, 20 minutes from the dock put Dave and his 8 and 10yr old sons on a limit of nice lings and rockfish. The kids slayed em, had the 8yr old jigging in the rod holder and he was able to put 2 real nice lings in the boat, one on his own, the others him and his brother tag teamed perfectly. Kings are still going strong, silvers are slowing down, rivers are full and fish are on the beaches. We did see some jumpers offshore and got one jigging on a 10" grubtail. Got back out with the fiancé after my charter and she put a nice 36lber in the boat, then I actually got t catch a few fish, boated a 40ish but and a smaller 15. Home before the sun fully set and in time to have dinner. Love those short runs here in Kodiak. Weather is up and down as can be expected in the fall but still time to get out and fill the freezers.
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