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Apr 25, 2006
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Hi guys:

Now I know that most of you will not get the opportunity to fish this part of the state but I think it is important to share what we are catching up here from time to time.

I took the family on a week long trip from Kotz up the Kobuk River to the Kobuk Sand Dunes and of course there was fishing along the way. The total mileage was just under 400 miles round trip and the weather was almost perfect except for a nasty thunder storm coming back from the Dunes. It is a hard 1- ½ hour trip into the dunes bush wracking style but it is worth the trip to play on the largest Dune formation north of the Arctic Circle. Way Cool!

Now the fishing report!

We pounded the fish and had a ball catching dozens of grayling in the 18-25 inch range, lots of Char in the 3- 5 pound range and Pike…. Lots of Pike. I hooked a monster that was 34 inches long and had a set of teeth that could eat a small child! The Pike up here never disappoint me! Here is a strange one. While fishing a small river ( it will remain unnamed ) I hooked a Lake Trout( 32 inches) that had a monster head and a mouth that you could shove your fist in!
His body was surprisingly small and Jim Dua tells me that that’s a sign of a very old fish. Lake Trout are fairly uncommon out side of some of the bigger lakes in the Noatak drainage and we were in a small river! My 8 year old boy also caught a smaller one that was about 28 inches with the same kind of head! The most interesting part was the fish’s meat was golden yellow in color! Never seen that before.

The salmon are just coming in with 8-12 ponders being caught in Kotzebue Sound and big Shee Fish are being caught on spoon in Kiana ( 25 -30 pounds)

All in all an outstanding week!

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