Kenai Report


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Apr 25, 2006
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Left Thurs, at 0600 headed for the Kenai to dip for Reds from the beach. The incoming tide was pretty good - me and the 2 kids got around 20. One guy about 12 people down from me got a nice King. The outgoing tide really picked up and we got the rest of our fish, 48 in all. I was only shooting for 40 (tired of cleaning 55 every year) but I let my son dip until we were cleaned up and ready to roll. Back home by 11:00PM. Today the fun starts! Even though the count was low this was the best tide of fishing we had in 8 years and if my daughter didn't go back to the truck and fall asleep we would've hit 55 easy. One interesting note was the large majority of the fish were males. Out of the first 10 I cleaned 8 were male. Another guy i talked to said the same thing. I don't know if that's normal or not just something I noticed. That's it, not much of a report but I get alot of info from the forum and feel I need to return the favor when I can.