Kayak/Rafting Kenai?


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May 9, 2010
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Hey gang, my buddy & I are fortunate enough to visit your paradise again. We are both athletic, raised around the ocean (surfing,fishing,diving, etc.), and have experience paddling the Na Pali coast on Kauai in kayaks and raced outrigger canoes around Hawaii (does get ROUGH). As we are getting excited for our upcoming trip to Kenai Peninsula this July, we began to think how awesome it would be to paddle/float down the mighty Kenai river. Of coarse, good safety gear (life jackets, signalling devices, wetsuit, etc) is a must. Staying in main channel also a good idea/must. We have boated lower and middle sections of river a bunch of times, have seen those parts. So some questions to throw out there....

How long(days) to get from Kenai bridge to Funny River (camping along way?)? Does anybody do that? Lower Skilak to Funny River (to my memory, not much camping along there, mostly private land), how long hours?
Kayak, raft, or cataraft?
How bad are the fastest/rapids parts (canyon after Jim's, Bing's, and ???)? Seen some average looking (looks can be deceiving) people survive Bing's
Skilak Lake,? understand winds can be a bummer. Paddle eight(?) miles or skip it and break trip up into sections?

I don't know, you could say we are fishing for an adventure! Looking forward to some replies/thoughts.

Thanks in advance!

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