Inflatable boat/motor setup advice.


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Dec 29, 2021
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Evening ladies and gents,

New here and hope I’m posting to the right forum. If not, I apologize and welcome the ridicule, just please guide me to the correct one after ripping me open. I’m doing some very long planning for a diy moose trip in the coming years and looking for any tips I can find on inflatable boat and motor set ups for making it up a river to a hunting location. I’m currently looking at, but by no means dead set on, the middle fork of the Chena, possibly going down Munson creek a ways or one of the creeks west of the Van Curlers like Blackshell or Lohi to avoid the fly in traffic. I’m planning on flying my gear to Fairbanks from Texas, renting a car and driving from there. I’m trying to keep motor and boat as small as possible to keep air cargo weight and cost down but if a bigger setup is needed so be it. My question is what’s the smallest/lightest set up I would need for a 2 man, 2 moose hunt with ~150 lbs of gear on a river like the middle fork of the Chena, or is there better places to look into for what I’m planning on doing. Thank y’all for any help, really enjoying the discussions and info thus far!


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Jul 30, 2011
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There is a wealth of information to be found here, but have you looked through any of the previous posts via the search feature? There is quite a lot of information available in previous posts/discussions about many topics, and of course there are a number of very savvy members who may help guide your search for information. Once you have enough posts to allow private messaging, some folks may offer more specifics. Good luck with your quest.


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Jul 23, 2003
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Valdez, Alaska
Mike Strahan's and Larry Bartlett's books always a good investment. Look in the forum store for starters. Good Luck as well.

I have not read Larry's but have Mikes. Tons of information in there. The cost of the book is just a fraction of a percent of the cost of the trip. Gleam what you can from it.

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