Icy strait point at Hoonah winter kings


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Feb 25, 2008
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There are some really nice winter kings averaging 20 lbs. over here right now.I don't remember anyone ever mentioning it before but it goes on here every winter and the locals are the only ones fishing them.Hoonah is primarily a native village and alot of the fish caught are sold to the processor here.They are getting around $9.00 a lb. right now so there is some fishing going on.The weather has been pretty nice with little wind and daytime temps. around forty degrees.My buddy dug his boat out of the snow last week and wants to go out this week.(My charter season does'nt start 'till May so My boat is put away until the end of april) The guys down on the docks are saying it's the best king fishing they have seen in years.I have'nt caught a king since last Oct,So I am really ready to go.I will give a report as soon as we get back and hopefully have a picture to show. Frank