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Apr 25, 2006
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Gakona Ak
Hi everyone:

I have had a number of inquiries from folks looking to come up to fish the tributaries of the Noatak (Kelly, Kug, Nimi) and Kobuk (Squirrel, Salmon, Ambler) as well as the Wulik and Kivilina Rivers. We are having a very slow or delayed break up this year. The elders tell me that this year is actually closer to historical norms as we have yet to break up here in Kotzebue.

The ice has gone out in the upper Kobuk drainage with the rivers above Ambler free and clear but no good spots to land yet due to high water. The Noatak is much the same but many rivers are still clinging to the winter ice still. Best bet is 2nd week in June for sure! Char fishing in the Kelly, Kug, Wulik and Kivilina rivers will be red hot as usual right after the water clears up and all 4 of those rivers produce some of the biggest Char in the state.

Shee Fish are still being caught through the ice here in Kotz. I saw no less than 10 sno go’s and Hondas on the ice right off of front street last night and lots of 40+ ponders being hooked even this late! Wow! That ice is too rotten for me but the attraction of big Shee Fish can make a guy do silly things!

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