Huge Question for Valdez


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Apr 25, 2006
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Here's the story:

My entire workplace is headed to Valdez on Sunday (30th) until Saturday (5th).

We have 3 boats that will be ferrying us around. We are staying (probably) in Jack Bay somewhere along the shoreline. We will be fishing during the morning hours, and doing survival training (after noon) till it's better fishing time (wind,tides) again. Rinse, repeat the next day.

We will come back into Valdez for fuel and to freeze fish.

There may be some that have already heard we are going to be down there :)

Here are the questions:

Would we do better staying in Galena Bay versus Jack bay for Silver fishing?

Any suggested areas for halibut/shrimp etc? We are going to try and get together improvised shrimp pots (we have some good ones too).

Any suggested camping areas for a group of 8-10 survival guys with coordinates? Jack Bay or Galena Bay?

Any info some of you experienced guys can offer would be appreciated. You can IM me or shoot an email to [email protected]

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