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Feb 11, 2008
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I would like to buy a HD video camera to video my float hunt this year in Sept. I would like to be able to burn the video on a dvd and blue ray if it is possible. My price range is $500-1000 but if there is a better camera for $1200 I will find a way to afford it. I hope to visit Alaska more then once but for some reason I can't I want a great video to have for the rest of my life. Any help or ideas that I might not think about would be great.


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Jan 27, 2007
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Your question is a common one but very in depth...so many variables..
If you are wanting to shoot in HD you will have some new things to consider, primarily hardware and software....If you are really into picture quality/color you will have a lot more research ahead of you...

Basically, all the newer cams will fit the bill if you are just shooting footage and playing it back to your HD Tv...reading the technical reviews/opinions is mind numbing so I'll try to tell you what I know (not much) simply...

the biggest consideration in your camera choice depends on your editing...

If you aren't going to edit the footage then you may find the solid state memory cams to be easier to use ...

If you plan to edit the footage be sure you have the software and hardware to handle editing it...the solid state cams highly compress the files, when un-compressed into a format that you can edit they get HUGE...you need newer software and a powerful computer to handle the file size...

If that is the route you go then I'd suggest the Canon HF S-100 ($1100)..here's a link

Tape models are the style I settled on for now...I think the Canon HV-30 ($600) wins hands down....here's a link

the HV-40 is due to be released very shortly but don't expect it to be any different....the tape models store the data in a different format so nearly any software can handle the footage...


burning to a blu-ray is a function of your computer equipment not the camera, if you can get your footage into software that can handle the HD and have a blueray burner then any HD cam will work

you can store HD footage to a standard DVD but will be limited in how much you can store on it, i think 20 min or so but I have not tried it yet...

even if you are watching a standard def TV you will see a difference if you shoot in HD, edit, and export the porject to a standart def file and finally onto a regular DVD

I'm kinda just rambling a bit but from the sounds of your post I'd just save yourself the trouble/headache and order yourself a HV-30..it really is a top of the line consumer camera, I will be ordering one very soon myself....look for deals online, I think msrp is $899, you can save a few hundred from the larger online retailers...

since you are visiting, I would certainly come with a backup camera, even a cheap-o SD cam ($100 to 200) might save the trip (memories) if your first cam fails, or gets dropped/wet etc...


Apr 25, 2006
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two in one

two in one

shoots HD 1920 X1080 has a 20X optical zoom and shoots 30 fps.
but this is a really nice point and shoot camera too.
You can shoot photo as you shoot video with it.
It is not available until April this year.
It is similar to the SX10IS , except that this camera shoots stills in RAW and has the Canon CMOS sensor . this is the first point and shoot that sports the CMOS sensor , It is the same sensor used on their line of DSLR cameras.
It has a wide angle 28 mm so it takes great wide angle shots and yet can zoom 20X optical..
The camera is going to cost over 500 bucks, and is retail priced at $599.00 but it has lots of great stuff on it..
You will need to see this video and some of the reviews, but I will be taking purchase of one of these this april..
Oh yeah,, you can plug your camera directly into your HDTV and play directly off the camera if you like..
with true HD resolution..
here is a video taken by a camera review outfit,,

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