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Apr 25, 2006
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Anchorage, AK
Some friends of ours rented the Harrison Lagoon Cabin in PWS. We're taking them out for a couple nights and wanted to see what folks knew about the lagoon. The Forest Service site says the lagoon goes dry. We were thinking about using the lagoon to off load them and possibly anchoring up for the night but not if it's too shallow or goes dry. If the lagoon goes dry what about putting them on the beach? Wells Passage can get big so with an easterly I'm wondering where to beach them if we can't put them in the lagoon. Any advice?


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Apr 22, 2008
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If the timing of high tide coincides with your coming and goings during the day, use the beach on the lagoon side of the cabin to load and unload. Pay attention to your chart plotter and depth sounder when entering the channel from Port Wells as there are shallows to the north of the channel.
If you arrive at low tide, you can unload people on the beach at the entrance to the lagoon. I boat hook helps pushing the boat back inito to deeper water where you can start your motors. Be forewarned that entering the lagoon at the lower stages of the tide, there is a lot of water moving in/out of the lagoon with strong currents. Don't ask me how I know.

As far as anchoring the boat in the lagoon, I did it once in our Tolman Widebody for one night as high tide coincided with when we were leaving. I found a pocket of deeper water were the boat would still float in the SW corner of the the lagoon. All other times with our Bay Weld, I have anchored the boat outside the lagoon south of the cabin past the rock cliffs on shore. The anchoring depths are in the 50-60' range. The bottom does slope to deeper water, so I run a line to a tree on shore to keep the boat from drifting into deeper water. I think I used 300' to get to shore. Obviously you need a tender of some sort for this anchoring situation.

Harrison Lagoon is a great area and really cool for kids.



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