going to place the Kimber Montana 338 WSM for sale

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Jan 3, 2009
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Veneta, OR
I thought I'd mention it here just in case - I had a Kimber Montana rebored by JES to 338 WSM several months ago - I've been trying to work with it but "my life" has taken a turn that I didn't anticipate and I plain do not have time for it - Ive done quite a bit of load development, I have dies and quite a bit of brass already fireformed - I will let that and the rifle with DNZ scope mounts go for $650 - The bore is nice, there is nothing at all wrong with the job JES did, I just don't have time for it and won't for what looks likes 3+ years now ..... If you are into good wildcats this is a chance for my loss = your gain (Murphy knows alot about this cartridge as well) PM me with any interest