Going to GMU 7....any tips?


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May 29, 2013
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So i am going with a buddy to GMU 7 and we are going on a scenic nature walk through whichever spot we decide in the northern part of GMU 7 of the Chugach National Forest. I dont know to much about the area, and after a couple days of google'ing i think i have confused myself more than clarifying restrictions. I personally have never hunted in the area and wondering for any advice that someone might be willing to hand out.

My buddy and I are looking for Black bear, but are prepared for a brownie given the situation should arise and im aware brown bear closes on Saturday night/ Sunday morning.

* tracking the glassing feature of mountains with a good set of binos, and im not looking for your good honey spot.

any advice would be appreciated.


Jan 3, 2009
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I don't know much about the area either; However I hear'tell you might want to start above timberline. Say, maybe Summit Creek trail, go to the back, hang a hard'right and jump into Colorado Creek, stay high and you can view four drainages.

Hike up the Hope Point trail, then jump into Cripple Creek, stay high on the Mt. Goat trail that will take you over the low pass and into the Big Indian Creek and/or the Little Indian Creek country which is infested with Brown Bears and Black Bears.

Cub Creek (Mile 6.4 Hope Road) has three Black Bears, two of which are making bacon, and a solo Black Bear. "Dozen Goat Valley" had one Black on Tuesday, but it is hard to get up there.

There is a 7.5 to 8 foot Brown Bear on snipers point eating green stuff early in the morning.

Donaldson Creek should be productive.

If you have two cars and leave one at Alder Creek and Hope Road. Take the other up to back of Palmer Creek and jump into the head of Alder Creek, stay high and peek into Bear Creek, then come out the bottom of Alder Creek.

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