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May 6, 2006
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North pole Alaska
I have been reading this Forum for the last couple of years. One thing has always bugged me and that is the amount of time people spend worrying if their gear is good enough or not. I don't know how much other people spend on their hunting, fishing and other outdoor stuff but I know I spend way more than is nessesary to get the job done. I don't know if this post will be taken as a confession or as advice but here it goes. Sleeping bags the most inportent thing make sure it fits and is warm enough. Most trips I use a Slumberjack Sam's club special. Tents you can never have to many I have five diffrent ones as I speak they all have different uses. A tent that is great for one thing fails miserably at another. Fourwheelers Honda! Boats are just like tents you can't have to many. Every year my job buys me a new pair of boots. Believe it or not I wear the same pair of boots for everything from sheep hunting to running a Cat to going to Walmart. Then in November I switch to bunny boots. For clothing I use wool I have shirts that are ten years old and still going strong. When it comes to guns I'm a nut case I love them all. But 9 out of ten times when I go to the safe I grab an 06 from fox to bear it always gits the job done for me. As far as a handguns go if you don't know get a .22 shoot the snot out of it. If you still want another get a .44 but I'll bet most people will still just pack their .22's. Optics I have wasted more money on them any other thing. acouple of years ago a hunter gave me a $500 tip and I got a pair of 10X40 Zeiss for $699 best money I have ever spent. I use them more than my work boots. Scopes Leupold 3X9X40 $249 no reason for me to spend any more. And if anyone cares for horses draft or draft crosses when it comes to packing out moose their is no such thing as to big of a horse. Any Questions! Horse

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